Phil Dinsdale Comedian - Gaggging For Laughs
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Combining his childhood experiences growing up in a tough North East town, this ex Steel worker provides a unique blend of cynicism, observation and good old fashioned humour. Delivery is sharp and honest with human nature, topical issues and his own tangental mind all being exposed to the same tongue-in -cheek treatment. Allow Phil to guide you into an appraisal of the blatantly obvious while comfortably poking fun at absolutely everything.

Phil performs for many clubs and promoters up and down the country, including;
                      Jongleurs, Comedy Cafe, Outside the Box, Laughter House, Buzz, Out of Bounds, Gag Club, Barnstormers, Jesterlarf and Hahaheehee Comedy Club and many more.

Phil is the founder of Gagging for Laughs , promoting Comedy events in the South East."

TV Credits:

The Bill
Criminal Justice

Wolfman (Universal pictures) Premier February 2010

"Brilliant" - Johnny Vaughan
"Works a room superbly, weaving the audience into his routine" - Bob Mills
 "In your face funny, fantastic, hecklers beware!" - Wayne Saunders (Comedy Cafe)
 "Funny bloke with the big tache" - Ricky Grover
 "Huge Stage presence" - Jongleurs Comedy

To book Phil Dinsdale or to discuss any booking, please E-mail Norman! or call 020 8255 2033

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