Paul Adams Comedian - cruise ship comedian
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Ten years ago Paul began to combine his regular appearances in hotels in the best known European hotspots with cruising gigs around the Med. He soon came to the attention of the bookers for the major cruise lines and in the last five years his popularity has soared. So much so that for 35 weeks of the year he is on a cruise ship somewhere in the world.

Most pleasing for Paul is his success in front of North American audiences on board NCL, Orient Lines and Royal Caribbean ships. He has been performing regularly in front of crowds predominantly made up of international tourists Audiences enjoy his enthusiasm, freshness and crowd pleasing material. Officers, staff and crew appreciate his willing and helpful personality.

‘Paul Adams is an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with, we knew immediately that he would be very successful on cruise ships. His material is clean and he can adapt his shows to suit the different audiences. He works equally well with British, American and multi-national guests and is always adding new material and fine-tuning his shows. We could not ask for more.’ Elaine Avon & Cindy Thompson. (Paul’s Agents)

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Currently, when not cruising, Paul heads for North America regularly visiting the top comedy venues at such places as New York City, Toronto, Atlantic City, and Montreal readily accepting invitations to perform a guest spot.

Paul writes new material every day and is developing several ideas for TV and Radio shows. He created the stage show Make ‘Em Laugh – which was toured for 40 dates by Flying Music. Paul will launch The Opening Act Productions as the conduit for all his ideas and will devote time to building that company.

His wide ranging experience includes stage shows, cabaret, pantomimes, studio warm-up and corporate entertaining where he displays his knack or tailoring material to suit any audience in any venue time and time again

He is bright, original, fresh and funny. And clean; and despite being completely inoffensive, or maybe because of it, he still has audiences on their feet and laughing

‘Paul Adams is without doubt the funniest English comic I have ever seen. During his performance he made a crowd of multi-nations laugh, stand up and applaud. He is one funny S.O.B.’ Richie Minervini (American Comic).

To book Paul Adams or to discuss any booking, please E-mail Norman! or call 020 8255 2033

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