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Joke Club Comedy Club's are committed to supporting and nurturing the new acts on the comedy circuit and always try and include them in any show we can. We believe that it is highly important to give opportunities to the newer act as they are the future of the comedy circuit and a particular new act just maybe the next big thing.

“No One Ever Moved Forward Without Taking A Step”

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If you do not have the budget for a standard comedy night at your venue, talk to us about our 'Open Spot' nights. At an arranged budget we will put on a night of comedy ranging from 5 - 10 open spots (newer acts) on a monthly basis. Joke Club Comedy Clubs like to support the up and coming talent currently performing around the circuit so these nights will be beneficial for both you and the new comedian.
Open Spots

Fill in your details to be automatically added to Joke Klub's monthly open spot gig list. We also use these gigs as paid progression slots for acts that are already regularly booked around the circuit but we have not had a chance to see.
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If you want to perfrom at any of our venues. Especially if you are just starting out. We will be more than happy to accommodate you.